Canine Hoopers Dog Training Classes

Dog JAM is:

Get Fantastic Obedience AND Have a Blast With Your Dog!

Dog Training is Our JAM!

You will learn the skill of training with your dog for fun, and great results

Did you get a companion dog so that you could shout at them and force them into submission? Probably not! A fun and challenging cooperative activity is a huge motivator for both you and your dog.

Instead of "dominance" that results in robot-like compliance to commands, dogs become enthusiastic to follow your direction, despite other temptations in the environment.

You will find that every class runs on:
Joy & exploration,
physical Activity &
Mental engagement.

Canine Hoopers Based Program

Learning a fun, low-impact and low-stress dog sport is an awesome way to develop your dog's basic obedience skills.

We only use fear-free training, as used by professional animal trainers. This system builds confidence for human and dog alike.

Benefits include:

  • improve your dog's recall, stay and heel;
  • reliable behaviour despite distractions;
  • respond to you from a distance;
  • makes practice super fun for you!

Small Class Size & Personalised Coaching

This is NOT drill-team style dog training! You will get one-on-one time with the instructor during class, and your class mates become your your helpers.

Because we're a small group, class activities can be tailored to you and your dog's needs. You'll get help with your dog's obedience skills while you have fun learning Canine Hoopers.

Bonus materials including videos, online discussion and course maps will be available  to support you in your practice outside class.

After attending a couple of courses, you may want to compete in Canine Hoopers competitions!

Why Choose Dog Training Help?

Effective & Backed
By Research

Grounded in research, tested in real life, used by professionals. Our courses are geared to train YOU to train your dog. Online learning supports in-person coaching and home practice.

Fun for You, Your Dog
& Family

Reward based clicker training is engaging and addictive! Each skill is broken down so that you can master it easily. Re-watch videos as many times as needed & share your success!

Safe & Non-Damaging
for Your Dog

Fear is never used in our training. It can cause aggression and unpredictable behaviour. Unwanted behaviour will diminish without resorting to abuse.

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