Private One-on-one Dog Training

Dog Training Help is all about supporting you to get good behaviour from your dog or puppy! 

Why Use 1-on1 Training?

Pup too wild, or petrified in puppy school? Dog distressed or behaving badly in dog training classes? Have an issue you just haven't been able to get under control?
Private, or "one on one" dog training is a great way to ensure that you are putting your effort into training that is tailored to meet your goals, and support your dog's individual needs.

What You Get

 Private dog training supports you to make meaningful behavioural improvements. Ideal for shy or hyper dogs, foundation training, and good manners.

Your experienced, compassionate dog trainer will help you create changes to achieve your dog training or puppy raising aspirations, giving you clear structure goals and feedback along the way. 

How to Begin

Phone or book an appointment for your free assessment. We will discuss what support you need, and your options to help you get there.

 At the end of our call, you will have options that may include how we can support you, or who you can go to for your next steps to make big improvements in your life with your dog.

Why Choose Dog Training Help?

Effective & Backed
By Research

Grounded in research, tested in real life, used by professionals. Our courses are geared to train YOU to train your dog. Online learning supports in-person coaching and home practice.

Fun for You, Your Dog
& Family

Reward based clicker training is engaging and addictive! Each skill is broken down so that you can master it easily. Re-watch videos as many times as needed & share your success!

Safe & Non-Damaging
for Your Dog

Fear is never used in our training. It can cause aggression and unpredictable behaviour when used by inexpert dog trainers. Unwanted behaviour will diminish without resorting to abuse.

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